Do you provide time codes?

Yes, upon request we include time code in your transcript every 30 seconds or each time the speaker changes, which ever comes first. If you have different time coding requirements, please let us know.

Time code can be taken from several sources. Your video may have a BITC. This is time code that visibly appears on the video. Alternatively your audio or video source may contain time code on an audio channel, this is also referred to as Linear Time Code (LTC). We can also add running or real time, time codes to your transcript. Please let us know beforehand, what time code convention you require. Additional fees may apply.

Can I just email my audio files to you?
Email is often not the best way to transfer files. You can either upload your files right through our Website using our Upload Media button or we can get you set up to FTP your files directly and securely to us.
Can I scan and email my handwritten notes and text to you?
We are happy to accept your handwritten notes and text through our Upload Media feature on our Website. It is a secure way to transfer files to us and will send us an automatic notification. Upon receipt of your files, a sales representative will contact you.
Will you provide a verbatim transcript?
Our standard transcription omits all ums and uhs. Please let us know if you require a verbatim transcript as additional fees may apply.
Can you transcribe multiple speaker files?
We pride ourselves on our transcription of focus groups, panel discussions and other multiple speaker files. We will label speakers as Male or Female or Female 1, Male 1, when possible. If you require multiple speakers to be identified we can only do so with a video source and the camera angle must be so that we can clearly see who is speaking. Additional fees may apply for labeling speakers.
How do I get started?
Click here to get started.
What is the status of my order?
Feel free to contact your sales representative at any time to check on the status of your order.
What format do you deliver your transcripts in?
Our transcripts are delivered via email in Microsoft Word formats. We can deliver other formats upon request such as PDF. Please discuss formats requirements prior to starting your project as additional fees may apply.
Can you print my documents for me?
We deliver your transcripts to you digitally as Microsoft Word documents. You can then alter them and print them yourself. However, if you need a print copy we can print your document for you. Additional fees may apply.
Do you have offices in my location?
We have offices in Los Angeles and New York but technology enables us to work with clients around the world.