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Federal, State, and Local Government Transcription

  • With over twelve years of experience providing transcription guarantees of up to 98% accuracy, Daily Transcription is the company to choose for your government transcription needs. However, when you are seeking a partner to transcribe dictation, interviews, meetings, or legal services – including depositions – we are the full-service agency to choose from. We have already work with firms at each level of government and we are adept at taking on any of your needs. A few of our clients include the following:
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • US Marshal Service
    • US Marine Corps
    • US Naval CID
    • And More
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Government transcription

Our Confidentiality Promise for Your Government Transcription Contract

We know that the content of your work requires our utmost discretion. So everyone from our transcriptionists to your account representative signs a non-disclosure agreement.

You can upload your files directly to our secure server to be transcribed. We accept a variety of media files, the full list of which is accessible in our media format FAQ list.

Daily Transcription has complete extensive security screenings, so you can ensure that your government transcription is secure in our hands. Not only have been vetted and approved by Fortune 500 companies as well as our government clients. Daily Transcription conducts a company wide security review every six months, ensuring that your government documents are safe in our transcriptionists’ hands.

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Translation for Government Transcription

  • Daily Transcription knows that governmental agencies in some cases need supplemental services, like translation. Although, our translation services department has over thirty languages, such as those of Romance, Slavic, Asian, as well as Germanic origin. However, our roster of translators is part of native speakers from around the world. So there will be no confusion over idioms or commonly require phrases. Moreover, we can even work on multi language translation. Since it is not uncommon for many languages to be spoken at once for our government clients.
Government Transcription

Working With Daily Transcription

To start work on your government transcription needs, fill out this paperwork to start with Daily Transcription. You can also get the right cost of your transcription using our rate calculator tool or request a quote for a thorough bid on your project.

For our first-time clients, we even offer a daily deals special discount on some of our services.

Let our transcriptionists take care of the work you need done so that your governmental agency can get back to the job you’ve been tasked with: governing.