Legal Transcription Services

Every Word Counts: The Importance of Accurate Transcripts in Legal Matters

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Examples of Samples Below:

Legal Pleading Format

Legal pleadings are formal written declarations used to start a proceeding or litigation. Because these are formal documents filed with the court, you want to make sure you can trust the company handling them.

Daily Transcription takes great care in what we do. Confidentiality and accuracy are our top priorities. We are proud of our diverse team of transcribers who are well-versed in legal jargon, and capable of drafting your legal pleadings for you in the right way.

Dictation Transcription Services

It’s often helpful to record your thoughts while you’re having them and technology enables you to do so in many ways. You can send us recordings from a digital recorder or even your smartphone.

Whether it’s general or legal dictation, we understand the importance of delivering accurate legal transcriptions. Since we deal with highly sensitive and confidential documents, we require non-disclosure agreements from every transcriptionist we work with. We know that quality, speed, and accuracy are important to you; as a result, every document we deliver is treated with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Legal Transcription Services

Transcription plays a large role in the legal world, and technological advancements have now made it possible to securely send your information out of the house for legal transcription. In addition, this not only saves you time but money as well. Transcribe only what you need when you need it. Moreover, you no longer have to pay to hire someone in house.

We know that you have legal work to do, so let us take care of your legal transcription needs.

Legal Transcription Services


We offer a full range of legal transcription services such as transcribing court proceedings, depositions, hearings, PACE interviews, wire taps, and legal translation. We have the ability to add time codes to your transcript which will enable you to easily reference statements for later review. Furthermore, our team has the industry knowledge and experience to create quality transcripts for you.

Transcription plays a large role in the legal world. The growth in technology have now made it possible to send your info out of the house for legal transcription. This not only saves you time but money as well. So, transcribe only what you need, when you need it. You no longer have to pay to employ another person in house.

We know that you have legal work to do, so let us take care of your legal transcription needs.

Arbitrations Proceedings Transcription Services

Arbitrations Proceedings Transcription Services

While transcripts of arbitration proceedings may not always be vital for judicial review, the failure to produce a legal transcript could be fatal to winning an arbitration award challenge.

Since the cost of producing a transcript is relatively low, transcripts are valuable not only to a party challenging an arbitration award but also in helping to ensure the integrity of the arbitration process. Have questions about the cost of working with us? Consult our frequently asked questions page for the answers most often sought by our clients.

Court Recorded Proceedings Transcription Services

A transcript is the written version of what transpired at a trial or hearing. It is a document that states word for word what the parties, the judge, and any witnesses said at a trial or hearing. The court recorded proceeding is created from a recording of the proceeding. Daily Transcription know the value of having an accurate transcript of a hearing. As with arbitrations, transcripts can become valuable tools when filing or fighting an appeal.

Court Recorded Proceedings Transcription Services
Depositions Transcription Services

Depositions Transcription Services

A deposition is an evidence given under oath in a court of law, and then later recorded for court proceedings. We provide deposition transcription services as a part of our legal transcription services.

A missed word or misinterpreted sentence can be the difference in winning or losing a case. Daily Transcription takes pride in knowing that we transcribe all depositions accurately with a thorough understanding of court terminology, legalese, and jargon. Our transcriptionists are comprehensively trained in such terminology and have the expertise to carry out verbatim transcriptions of all court depositions, interrogations, hearings, meetings, briefs, and legal examinations.

Forensic Transcription Services

Since forensic evidence is used in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court, it could be key to winning a case.

Forensic transcription is a highly specialized service, which entails the transcription of recordings for criminal and legal cases. Our work includes the following departments, but is not limited to:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Medical Examiner’s Office
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Criminalistics
  • Forensic Limnology
  • Evidence Technicians
  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Trace Evidence
  • Forensic Serology
Forensic Transcription Services
Legal Hearings Transcription Service

Legal Hearings Transcription Service

While often shorter and less formal than a trial, a hearing is still an important part of the legal process. After a preliminary hearing, prosecutors and defense attorneys sometimes agree to submit the case on the record. A judge then determines the defendant’s guilt or innocence based on their review of the preliminary hearing transcript. The legal transcripts that we provide are always accurate and we always review them twice.

Mediations Transcription Services

Daily Transcription can provide accurate mediation transcription for your legal proceedings. Because mediations use a neutral third party who acts only as a facilitator, you want to keep an accurate record of the mediation. This can be provided as a verbatim transcript or one with participants filler words such as “um” and “uh” removed.

Mediatations Transcription
PACE Interviews Transcription Service

PACE Interviews Transcription Services

Following an incident, if a regulator believes an offense has been committed a request for an interview under caution pursuant to the provisions of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1984, often referred to as a PACE interview, may be created. In addition, our legal transcription services are secure, confidential, and reliable, and provide transcription in areas of both criminal and civil legal proceedings. Besides, at a time when cost savings in the public sector have never been more important, our transcription services can save you time and money without sacrificing quality or confidentiality. In-house transcription can be costly but by outsourcing the work to us, you can save money and time.

Witness, Suspect, and Victim Interviews Transcription Services

Like any other legal transcription, accuracy is crucial when transcribing witness, suspect, or victim interviews. However, to ensure our quality, all documents go through a quality assurance check before being securely delivered to you. We have an experienced team of pros and over 12 years in the industry.

Investigative Material Transcription Service

Investigative Material Transcription Services

Save time and money by quickly and securely uploading your files to us using our online Upload Media feature. You can send us video, audio, or handwritten notes and know that they’ll be transcribed efficiently and accurately then delivered back to you without you ever having to leave your desk. You’ll be able to use the transcripts to quickly search for keywords or terms when needed.

Verbatim Transcription Services

We understand there’s no room for error in legal transcription. Depending upon your needs we offer two levels of verbatim transcription. Verbatim transcription refers to the use of ums, uhs, and swearing/expletives in your recording. We know that you may want us to edit the transcript to remove these sounds or words while in some instances it may be important to leave them in. Whatever your request, we can handle it with professionalism and accuracy.

Clean Verbatim

We will leave out all of the pauses and background sounds from the transcription of your recording. This includes sounds such as “…uh…” or “…umm…” We will even, upon request, leave out cursing, swearing and expletives. We can also ignore background conversations or noises that you did not intend to be recorded.

Actual Verbatim

We will transcribe all sounds, inflections, and swearing/expletives. This may be important for legal purposes. We will transcribe all background noises and incidental background conversations as well

Verbatim Transcription Service
Wire & Internet Tapping Transcription Service

Wire & Internet Tapping Transcription Services

The wire taps were once only useful on landline phones but this has now extended to Internet tapping as well.  Moreover, use Daily Transcription for legal transcription of your wire taps and you can be confident that your information will be secure and confidential. Additionally, we take our job, our clients, and our nondisclosure agreement very seriously.

Our team is well-versed in legal terminology and we will complete your project with the utmost care. We are confident that we can work with your format, turnaround, and budgetary needs.

Court Trials

Let your staff concentrate on what they do best, winning the case while we handle the trial transcription process from start to end. Furthermore, we have legal transcription experience that includes the processing of cross-examinations and judgments. Moreover, our team works together to transcribe as well as review your full project before it is deliver to you.

English to Spanish Translation

English to Spanish Translation

Legal translation is a very specific skill. Simply offering a verbatim transcription of what was said or written could change the meaning of a statement. Additionally, we source native Spanish speakers to ensure the delivery of a quality transcription that stays true to the original meaning.
Moreover, experienced translators know that a mistranslated word or misinterpreted statement can lead to the loss of a case. However, Daily Transcription takes pride in knowing that we transcribe all legal documents accurately, with a thorough knowledge of court terminology as well as legalese. In addition, we choose legal transcribers carefully in order to use linguists who are native speakers in their profession and have been translating documents for years. Depending on your needs, we will use the right linguist to fit your needs.

What is included in our English to Spanish Translation Services?

Daily Transcription does not outsource, use voice to text software or translation software. Moreover, rest assured that all of our Spanish Translations include:

  • Use of one or several natives, instructed, and experienced translators.
  • Project check by our Content Managers and Proofreaders.
  • All organizational and management costs.

Spanish to English Translation

Many choices go into translation. Translating word for word can often lose the true meaning of what is being said. For this purpose, it takes suitable professional to look at and listen to the actual context and content. Because there may be people who speak varied languages involved in the same trial or agreement, often it proves necessary to translate material from Spanish to English.
Spanish is the second most common language in the US and legal translation is often not a choice but a necessity. We’re a company that understands the rising needs for Spanish to English translation. We have the resources that know and understand the language and the culture.

What includes in our Spanish to English Translation Services?

  • Use of one or several natives, teach and experienced translators
  • Project check by our Content Managers and Proofreaders.
  • All administrative and management costs.

Our wide source of expert Spanish and English speaking translators have allowed Daily Transcription to provide Spanish to English changes at very fair rates. Our trained quality control department checks each document for fullness which guarantees 99% right content. We may be careful, but the quality shows in our Spanish translation work.

No matter the length of your audio, video, or text, you can upload it directly to our secure file server. This security ensures that we treat your files with complete privacy.

Language Interpreter

Translation and Transcription of Multiple Languages

Daily Transcription provides right language services in over thirty languages.

Our linguists have extensive experience in their field and are profoundly involve in the art, craft, and science of language. From depositions to entire trials, our quick turn around times and expert service ensures that your project is handle with care. We’re a company that understands the legal need for transcription of multiple languages, which is why we have the resources that know the language you selects and understand the culture.

Seasoned translators understand that a mis-understandable statement can lead to the loss of your case. Daily Transcription takes pride in knowing that we transcribe all legal documents and interviews in the right way, with a full understanding of court language. We choose transcribers carefully and they all are native speakers who have years of experience. Depending on your needs, we will connect you to the perfect translator who will understand your situation.

No matter the length of your audio, you can upload it directly to our file server. Further, we have a secure file transfer server, which makes sure that your files treat with full security. Also, we can change from audio, video, or text.

We take pride in being one of the few translation service companies that can fully translate a source language into any other language in the world. There are no limits! Because we have a large base of translator, we are proud to take in even the most obscure language needs. Here is a list of the languages we support:

  • Spanish (Latin America or Spain)
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • Farsi (Persian)
  • Portuguese
  • Tagalog (Philippines)
  • Japanese
  • Korean

We will do all the things and make sure you get the service you want. You are very important to us and you may rest assured that our company has your best interest at heart. Have further queries? Just get in touch with us to ask any of your questions.

Daniel Baskaran
Daniel Baskaran
21. July, 2023.
It's a pleasure to work with Daily Transcription. Their work is of high quality and on time. Ralph and Heather were diligent and great to work with. I highly recommend their services for anyone who needs transcription/translation.
Fred Koschmann
Fred Koschmann
24. March, 2023.
Great job with the transcription. Thanks so much!
Adam Barnick
Adam Barnick
14. November, 2022.
Working with Daily Transcription was just what we needed! They were super-communicative, efficient, and got us just what we needed even faster than I'd hoped. I'll definitely be bringing them more business when the time comes!
Beth Levison
Beth Levison
11. November, 2022.
I am indebted to Ralph Noe and his team at Daily Transcription. I was in a pinch, needed a dialogue list for an international sale, and Ralph and his team delivered one on an incredibly fast schedule. It was accurate, typo-free, done with an exceptional level of detail, and exactly what we needed. I will definitely return to Ralph and Daily Transcription for any of my transcription or dialogue needs moving forward.
Shot Glass - Los Angeles Video Production
Shot Glass - Los Angeles Video Production
21. October, 2022.
We’ve been using Daily Transcripts for 10+ years for our corporate interview projects. Ralph and his team are amazing! Even if there are other automated transcription services in the industry, we still prefer them over any other vendor. Their service is impeccable.
Greg Tiefenbrun
Greg Tiefenbrun
21. October, 2022.
I've been working with Daily Transcription for years. They always do a fantastic job, are super easy to work with, very communicative, and, best of all, they are very nice!!!!
Katie Bailey
Katie Bailey
20. October, 2022.
Returned nicely formatted and accurate transcripts of 20, 20-60 minute interviews within just a few days. Better/faster service than I expected!

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