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Pick the level of service and pay pricing only for the length of your audio or video file.

Straight Forward Pricing

First Draft (Automated)

$075per minute
  • Use Case: Speeches, podcasts, interviews, sermons, youtube
  • Recomm: Single Speaker, Clear & minimal accents
  • ~80-95% accuracy**
  • 6-24hrs delivery (based on file length)*
  • Speaker IDs not included
  • Non-Verbatim
  • Automated
  • Timestamps per page
  • Enterprise-grade security & encryption
  • Microsoft Word or Text
  • *files over 30mins may take longer

Standard (100% Human-Made)

$175per minute
  • Use Case: Interviews, Academic & Market Research, Gov, Legal
  • Recomm: up 2 speaker(s) noisy/accents okay
  • 99% accuracy**
  • 48-72hrs delivery (based on file length)Same-day or Next-day Avail.*
  • Speaker IDs included
  • Verbatim & Non-Verbatim
  • Human Proofreader
  • Timestamps per Minute
  • Enterprise-grade security & encryption
  • Microsoft Word or Text
  • *Contact us for availability and pricing

Production (100% Human-Made)

$295per minute
  • Use Case: Reality TV, OTFs Intvs, Dialogue scenes
  • Recomm: up to 3 speaker(s) noisy/accents okay
  • 99% accuracy**
  • 24hrs delivery (based on file length)Same-day Avail.*
  • Speaker IDs included
  • Verbatim Included
  • Human Proofreader
  • Timecodes (BITC) per 30-40 secs
  • Enterprise-grade security & encryption (TPN Compliant)
  • MS Word, Excel, Text, ScriptSync
  • *Contact us for availability and pricing

**Based on High-Quality Audio

How It works


Upload your media here tells what service you’d like to use.


We’ll have our team review your media and recommend a level of service based on audio quality and the scope you desire (We want to make sure we offer you nothing but top-quality work for any project at fair pricing).


We’ll send you an invoice to pay online, all major CC or Paypal accepted.


We’ll send your transcript(s) to your inbox based on your level of service and turnaround requested.

Enterprise / Production

Need a large volume of hours, P.O. billing, or simply a custom quote? Let’s talk.

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We use enterprise-grade security & encryption; we are GSA, HIPAA, and TPN compliant and follow ISO and AAERT best practices.