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Post Production Transcription

Post Production Transcription Specialist

Our specialists are equipped to complete a variety of types of post production transcription, including as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists, film & TV continuity lists, closed captioning, meta data lists, and B-roll logging. We can accept media files in an array of types – a full list is available on our FAQ page – via our secure server to be transcribed by our experts. If you need translation services as well, we have the best in the business available for your project.
Let Daily Transcription take some of the work off your plate.

Post Production Transcription

B-Roll Logging Transcription Services

B-roll, sometimes referred to as beauty roll, is usually intercut with the main interview. This can be included in the post production transcription work, either added as a descriptive of this B-roll footage to the transcript or we can transcribe the B-roll, capturing any natural sounds or conversation outside of the main interview, with or without time coding. Whatever your needs are, Daily Transcription has years of experience in post production transcription and can assist you in figuring out what you need and the best, most affordable way to do it.

Broadcast Script Transcription

As-Broadcast Scripts Transcription Services

An as-broadcast script is for a program that has already been transmitted or broadcast either for film, television, or radio. It’s a script created to match the edited version of the program, sometimes required for legal, translation, or dubbing purposes. A large part of the post production transcription process is the creation and delivery of as-broadcast scripts. These scripts can be used to create subtitles, closed captions and translations or part of finalizing international distribution.
As-broadcast scripts are produced as an exact paper copy of your finished locked cut. Most network deliverables require an as-broadcast script and our professionals are experts at creating these post production transcriptions.
Some of the details included are:

  • Action Lines

  • Basic Camera Angles and Shots

  • To the second Time Code

  • Action Lines

  • Act Breaks

  • Verbatim Dialogue

  • On Screen Text

Daily Transcription offers two formats of as-broadcast scripts to choose from in our transcription services:

As-Broadcast Script Style

Typically for scripted television, it is used in the final deliverables to a network or studio. It is also commonly used in creating a CCSL (Combined Continuity Spotting List).

As-Broadcast Detailed Style

Frequently used for non-scripted shows, this uses a three column format. Indicators include screen text, time code, scene description, and dialogue that are typically used for documentaries and reality television.

Dialogue Lists Transcription

Dialogue Lists Transcription Services

Dialogue lists can be created for full-length feature film and television series as part of our post-production transcription services. Why do you need a dialogue list? Dialogue lists provide an excellent basis for other services needed down the road, such as captioning and subtitling.
Dialogue lists provide you with an accurate representation of spoken words plus credits, music cues, and more. Unlike as-broadcast scripts, dialogue lists are sometimes created before the script is finalized, as story editors, writers, and directors may wish to check the flow of dialogue between characters.
Dialogue lists may include the following:

  • Verbatim dialogue

  • All utterances

  • Character IDs

  • Voice-Overs

  • Timecode

  • Chyrons

  • Credits

Dialogue Lists Transcription

Daily Transcription offers three formats of Dialogue list scripts to choose from.

Basic Dialogue Lists

These follow a basic script format and are time-coded to the second, at one-minute intervals. They indicate Voice-Overs (V.O.), Off-Screen (O.S.) and/or Off-Camera (O.C.).

Detailed Dialogue Lists

These are the same as a basic dialogue list but also include chyrons, captions, and superimposing, sound effects and musical cues as well as indicating opening and closing credits.

Dialogue Continuity List

These are similar to a detailed dialogue list but are in a table format. They also include overlapping and dual dialogue, act breaks, and a complete listing of end credits.

Contact one of our representatives to help assist you in figuring out what type of script best fits your needs.

Film & TV Continuity Lists Transcription Services

Distribution of a film often requires a continuity list, delivery requirements between the production company and the studios. They serve as a legal description of your project for copyright purposes as well as a layout for dubbing services.
Daily Transcription offers professional and accurate post production transcription services including continuity spotting lists for your film, television, or video needs. Continuity lists are a delivery requirement between the production companies and the studios, serving as the legal description of the production for copyright purposes. They are also used as a guideline for closed captioning, subtitling, and dubbing needs. These specialized scripts are also necessary for foreign distribution.
These scripts need to be precise, so they are the most time consuming post production transcripts to produce because they include verbatim transcription, shot-by-shot scene descriptions, and camera cues all to the frame. Daily Transcription’s vast production transcription experience makes us the company to trust with your continuity needs. Our professionals are experts at creating continuity spotting lists and can assist you in figuring out what type best meets your requirements:

Spotting Lists

These contain in and out times as well as calculated duration and actual subtitles.

Dialogue Lists

These lists contain the verbatim dialogue spoken by actors in a specific shot.

Combined Continuity List

Principal uses are for cut-by-cut description of all camera shots and angles, camera and actor movements within a shot, and the dialogue spoken by the actors with those shots.
If you have any questions, one of our representatives can assist you.

Combined Dialogue and Spotting List

Also known as CDSL, these lists are a combination of Spotting Lists and Dialogue Lists.

Interview Transcription

One-on-One Interviews Transcription Services

Here at Daily Transcription, interview transcription services have been our focus for over 10 years. Our post-production transcription services bring you the best that we have to offer. We have fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We are keenly aware of the importance of accurate interviews and understand that you do not necessarily have the time to listen to long recordings or videos. You want to skim through the coverage and find the sound bites that you need. We are confident that we can work within your budget and turnaround time.

Group Interviews
Transcription Services

Group interview transcription can be an art form. Speakers sometimes speak over each other making it difficult for a non-professional to understand everyone. Daily Transcription has a team of transcribers skilled in being able to decipher the important content from everything else.

On The Fly Interview Transcription

OTFs “On The Fly” Interviews Transcription Services

On The Fly Interviews (OTFs) are spur of the moment interviews and can be accompanied by a lot of superfluous sounds and action. Deciphering the actual interview can take a set of skilled ears. This is when a trained transcriptionist, and not an automated service, is most valuable. Most of our transcriptionists have a background in production transcription and have transcribed hundreds of interviews.

On The Fly Interview Transcription

Walk-and-Talk Interviews
Transcription Services

Similar to OTFs, walk-and-talk interviews can sometimes be challenging to transcribe. There are often background sounds, off camera conversations, and ambient noise. Let Daily Transcription rise to the challenge with our seasoned post production transcription professionals and we can ensure we’ll deliver your transcripts quickly and accurately.

reality tv show

Reality TV Show Transcription Services

Reality television is more popular now than ever. We can provide you with a post-production transcription of a verbatim record of all spoken dialogue created from the raw, unedited footage. While this type of transcription does sometimes include one-on-one interviews, it’s typically defined by its unstructured footage and usually requires any spoken dialogue to be transcribed.

Rough, Fine, and Locked Cuts Transcription Services

These terms are used to describe the various steps in the editing process and you can save money by letting Daily Transcription transcribe your file from Rough Cut to Locked, and everything in between. Having a tangible product from your cuts can greatly aid in your editing process. The editing process is lengthy enough without having to worry about the transcripts.

Meta Data Lists Transcription

Meta Data Lists Transcription Services

Simply put – metadata is data about data. Metadata can be found everywhere, including author, subject, genre, and composer. Large amounts of data can become overwhelming if not properly cataloged. Let us transcribe your metadata lists, which enables you to organize and navigate your catalogs.

Meta Data Lists Transcription

Closed Captioning Transcription Services

Closed captioning is a system designed to make television accessible to the hearing-impaired. In the United States, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) mandates closed captioning for broadcast.
Closed Captioning allows for:

  • Improved indexing and searching. Powerful new search engines are now making archived videos searchable utilizing the program’s captioning. Use closed captions or transcripts as metadata to make your video text-searchable, and to make web-embedded video search engine friendly. These features work best when captions are accurate.

  • Viewer Flexibility. Let your users get the full benefit of your message, anywhere. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, viewers may be in environments where access to audio is limited or impaired. Closed captioning allows them to view and appreciate the value of your content whether they are in the library, at a concert, or on a noisy bus.

  • Improved indexing and searching. Powerful new search engines are now making archived videos searchable utilizing the program’s captioning. Use closed captions or transcripts as metadata to make your video text-searchable, and to make web-embedded video search engine friendly. These features work best when captions are accurate.

  • Improved Accessibility for ESL Viewers. There are more viewers with English as a second language than there are with English as a first language & closed captioning helps your message reach larger audiences.

There are three types of styles used in captioning and subtitling:

Roll-up, Scroll-up or Scrolling:

The words appear from left to right, up to one line at a time. When a line is filled, the whole line scrolls up to make way for a new line, and the line on top is erased. The captions usually appear at the bottom of the screen, but can actually be placed anywhere to avoid covering graphics or action.

Pop-on, pop-up or block:

A caption appears anywhere on the screen as a whole, followed by another caption or no captions. This method is used for most pre-taped television and film programming.


The caption, whether a single word or a line, appears on the screen letter-by-letter from left to right, but ends up as a stationary block like pop-on captions. This format is rarely used today.

Send us your file in nearly any format and we can import it into our digital captioning system. We are also capable of handling your encoding and authoring. If someone else is managing the authoring process, we’ll create all the necessary files (caption/subtitle and audio description) complete with time stamps and send them back to you.
If you have any questions regarding your project feel free to contact our representatives for assistance.

Documentary Transcription

Documentary Transcription Services

This type of film has increased in popularity and is continuing to evolve. Documentary transcripts can be comprised of several types of transcriptions, including one-on-one interview, b-roll, reality footage, and group interviews.

Encoding Transcription Services

Encoding is the process of converting a file from one format to another. Encoding can be useful for web and closed captioning applications. Letting us handle your encoding means that Daily Transcription can be your one-stop shop from the creation of your transcripts, closed captions, or subtitles to encoding.
Sometimes the source material is not compatible with the intended browser or device that will be used for viewing. Often the point of encoding is to compress video so that it can be viewed more easily. Let Daily Transcription convert the files for you to fit the rapidly expanding number of devices that now allow a user to view your content, be that proprietary source format, raw camera footage, or a DVD you’d like to convert for web usage.

We can accept a wide range of source material
including but not limited to:

  • WMV Windows Media Video files

  • .MOV QuickTime Video files
    (please use H.264 video and AAC audio codec)

  • .MXF Material eXchange Format
    (Please call us before sending these files)

  • .FLV Flash Video files

  • .MPG MPEG 1and MPEG 2 files

  • AVI Audio Video Interleaved files

  • .DIVX DivX Video files

Including MP3s, .WAVs and Broadcast WAVs, we can also work from the following:

  • WMA Windows Media Audio files

  • .MOV QuickTime Audio files (please use AAC audio codec if possible)

  • .DSS Digital Speech Standard files

  • .AAC Compressed Mac Audio files

  • .AIFF Uncompressed Mac Audio files

  • .OGG Ogg Vorbis files

Just let us know what your final delivery requirements are when you fill out our detailed quote form and we can produce an encoded file for you. With over ten years of handling all facets of post production transcription services, your encoding project will be handled efficiently, promptly, and within your budgetary constraints.

Linear Time Code FilesTranscription

Linear Time Code (LTC) FilesTranscription Services

Linear time code is an encoding of time code recorded either on the tape’s address track or audio track. The post production industry now has a tool that produces digital files with embedded time codes, including WAV, BWF & MP3 files. At Daily transcription, we can embed linear time codes (LTC) into the track or channel that you need.

Avid Script Sync Transcription Services

Make our transcripts work even harder for you. By using ScriptSync, you can easily save a script or transcript as a text file and ScriptSync will index all the text and dialogue for you. It will then sync the clips with that index.

Linear Time Code FilesTranscription
Subtitling Transcription

Subtitling Transcription Services

Subtitling can be done for particular scenes or an entire program and may be done to translate the original language or because the dialogue is mostly unintelligible. Subtitles may be required for a film festival or theatrical exhibition. When completed as a translation, subtitling will allow you to share your vision with others.

Daily Transcription is known for our experience, reliability, and quality in post-production transcription. When you send us a program to be subtitled know that every version, no matter what language, will look just right and conform to industry standards. We deliver your subtitles in a format, including text and timing data, that your authoring system can easily import and use.

There are two critical aspects when creating subtitles. The first is the foreign language translation process and the second is timing. Daily Transcription ensures your project will be timed correctly and retain the material’s original meaning.

Some languages Daily Transcription offers subtitle translations in:

Romance languages
Asian languages
Germanic languages
Slavic languages

Every translation provided by Daily Transcription is reviewed by our quality assurance team. Upon completion, we deliver the subtitles in the format preferred by the client. Delivery formats include DVD, SRT, SSR and web compatible files.

PilotWare Compatible Transcripts

We deliver all of our transcripts as Microsoft Word documents but can accommodate the need for PilotWare. PilotWare allows for easy import of text transcript files. As part of our post production transcription services, Pilotware compatible transcripts are here to help your text based needs.

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