Academic and market research audio and video files can be on the most hard types of documents to transcribe. They are often lengthy presentations that can be inaudible at times. Or have background noise, which can be distracting during the process. Transcribing these files takes a concentrated effort that really is best done with the help of a professional service. Wondering how the process works? Here are the steps a professional transcription service takes to transcribe your academic or market research files.

1. Have The Right Tools

For starters, your transcriptionist needs to have the right tools to transcribe your audio files. This may require headphones and a computer, which they will need access to for a good period of time. They will also need complex transcription software to transcribe the files in their entirety. It can be costly and does need a little effort on their part to make it work smoothly and accurately.

Without the right tools, a transcriptionist will find it difficult to complete the transcription of your academic or market research files. As this information is packed with details that need to be captured during the transcription process.

When transcriptionist has the right tools to transcribe your academic and marketing research files, they can easily work through your audio and video presentations. Transcriptionists are used to working with lengthy files and can distinguish between the information that you need and what is distracting background noise.

2. Understand The Material Presented

When transcribing academic and marketing research files, it is best if your transcriptionist has a good understanding of the topic being presented. A professional transcription service has a background in a variety of fields that can allow it to quickly and accurately transcribe the material with ease.

Jumping into a presentation that is complex can make for challenging work as you need to constantly strain and rewind the file to catch every word that is spoken. A transcriptionist can easily understand the material being presented based on their experience working with this type of information in previous projects.

A professional transcription service will match your academic or marketing research project to a transcriptionist that has expertise in that topic. This will make it easier for the transcriptionist to understand the information being presented, providing you with the best results possible for the final results of your academic or marketing research files.

3. Review Before Your Type

Before a transcriptionist would transcribe your files, they will playback your audio to get familiar with the presentation. While this may take some time to complete, it provides them with more info on the topic.

They will be able to identify trouble spots, where they will have to spend more time. Or areas that need assistance because it is inaudible or difficult to understand. Reviewing the material prior to transcribing it can ensure that the final document is error-free and completed to your satisfaction level.

Taking time to review the files from your academic or marketing research files can be time-consuming and pull you away from your other project responsibilities. This can be stressful and cause you to miss deadlines with your professor or client.

A professional transcription service will be able to easily manage the review of your audio or video files, so you can spend time doing what is a priority for your academic or marketing research project. During the transcription process, you will not pull in a million directions and you will receive your academic or marketing research files as quickly as possible.

4. Type Word-For-Word

Next, your transcriptionist will begin typing your audio file word-for-word. This is a time-consuming process to take on as presentations are often complex and lengthy to listen to and transcribe.

But your professional transcriptionist has experience dealing with these types of files and information. They can easily work through the information. And then make sure it is perfect and captures every detail that you need for your project.

Your professional transcription company can assign your academic or marketing research files to a transcriptionist that is experienced with the topic, allowing them to move quickly through the files. This will provide a greater level of accuracy and faster turnaround time, so you can receive your project documents quickly.

5. Check For Accuracy

Lastly, your transcription service will review the transcribed document to the audio file. This catches any errors that may have occurred and help to promote the quality of the final document. They will listen to the audio or video file while reading word for word and match both to each other.

A professional transcriptionist will fix any areas which are not complete within the document. And then make one last check that your file while is transcribe in its entirety and is completely right. This step can take some time, but it is worth it as it will ensure your files will transcribe perfectly. So you can use them immediately upon receipt of your documents.

Checking for the accuracy of your audio or video presentation files is a process. It is a process that many people forgo when they are transcribing files themselves. Because it can be time-consuming, many people don’t want to take the time or make an effort.

A professional service will ensure that your files will review as part of their quality control process.  It will deliver you the best results possible for your presentations. It will save you time to work with a professional transcription company for the review of your academic or marketing research audio or video files.

As you look to have your academic and marketing research transcribed, consider hiring a professional service. They can make the process of transcribing these complicated presentations easier for you and your team.  It will give you all the information, you need to move forward with your academic and marketing research project. Contact Daily Transcription for all your transcription needs. We are ready to assist you now.