What is Linear Time Code (LTC)?

Linear time code is an encoding of time code as an audio signal. The post production Industry now has a tool that produces digital files with embedded time codes. Sound Devices 552 Production Mixer produces real time WAV, BWF & MP3s with Linear Time Code (LTC) recorded to the audio channel. Using sophisticated software Daily Transcription is able to decipher the analog time code track in the file giving the transcriber a way to read frame accurate time codes. This feature caters to the time sensitive demands of transcribing reality TV shows, news, commercials and documentaries.
The real savings come at the post production facility. The normal turnaround time from shooting to sending files to a transcription house is about four hours for every hour of footage recorded. Using the 552 Production Mixer allows almost on-the-fly transcription to begin while shooting. Sound Mixers can literally send MP3 audio to Daily Transcription from the shoot without going back to the Post Production facility, digitizing, creating string-outs and converting into compressed proxy files. If you’d like more information on this process please contact us sales@dailytranscription.com.