Daily Transcription Set to be at the Forefront of the Growing Demand for Professional Language Services

Los Angeles, California – 7 November 2017 – Daily Transcription recognizes that the demand for certified translations and interpretation is on the rise as diversity in the United States grows and globalization continues to soar. The company is now determined to take on the increasing need for quality language services from certified translators and interpreters with the introduction of its all-new Interpretation Services Department.

Daily Transcription’s Interpretation Services Department is set to offer a full range of interpretation services in both sign language and the spoken word for sectors such as education, business, medical, and a host of other platforms, including conferences.

Given the amount of non-English speaking businesses in the United States, the United States Board of Labor Statistics reports that the translation and interpretation field is expected to grow by nearly 17 percent by 2026.

Daily Transcription understands the burden. As a member of the American Translators Association (ATA), the company is dedicated to meeting these growing demands with its highly-skilled and certified team of linguists, each of whom is certified in their respective fields of expertise and ready to take on this task.

The company has recognized that the demand for qualified language service professionals has become a growing concern as businesses and patients are left without proper understanding, due to poor services or a lack thereof.

It is Daily Transcription’s aim to be at the forefront of this journey, providing exceptional and accurate language services just as they have done for the past decade.

The company understands the need for knowledgeable interpreters and has full confidence in its new Interpretation Services Department head, Anthony Lackram. The company, with Lackram at the helm of the department, is ready to meet the challenge of providing certified and qualified U.S.-based translators and interpreters to meet the industry’s needs.

About Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription has set itself as a leader in the field of transcription and translation services for over ten years. The company prides itself in providing the highest level of customer service to each client it serves. Daily Transcription’s goal is to provide customers with excellent service and the highest quality interpretation and translation services – no matter how big or small the job may be.  The company stands by its work and will do what it takes to keep clients satisfied. That is Daily Transcription’s 100% Guarantee!

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