Closed Captioning

• Do you offer closed captioning services?
We offer both closed captioning and subtitling services. Furthermore, there are three types or styles used in captioning and subtitling.

Roll-up, scroll-up or scrolling:
Further, the words appear from left to right, up to one line at a time; when a line is fill, the whole line scrolls up to make way for a new line, and the line on top is erase. And also, the captions usually appear at the bottom of the screen, but can actually be place anywhere to avoid covering graphics or action.

Pop-on, pop-up or block:
Furthermore, A closed captioning appears anywhere on the screen as a whole, follow by another caption or no captions. However, this method is used for most pre-taped television and film programming.

Moreover, the caption, whether a single word or a line, appears on the screen letter-by-letter from left to right, but ends up as a stationary block like pop-on captions. However, this format is rarely used today.

Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding your project feel free to contact us.

• Do you offer closed captioning services in foreign languages?
Furthermore, using subtitles is an effective way for you to share your ideas with the world. However, we offer services in over 30 languages including:
• Spanish (Latin America or Spain)
• French
• German
• Russian
• Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese)
• Dutch
• Italian
• Hebrew
• Arabic
• Farsi (Persian)
• Portuguese
• Tagalog (Filipino)
• Japanese
• Korean