Whether you are a YouTuber or a CEO of a legal firm, hiring the best transcription services online is imperative to steer clear of embarrassing mistakes.

Yes, anyone can transcribe media content, but not everyone can do so with precision and ensure that the written text is readable and in line with the context of the media content. That’s why hiring a transcription service provider is worth an investment.

However, with so many transcription companies in the market, deciding on the right one seems baffling. But, fortunately, today, in this article, we have come up with a compelling list of tips to hire the best in the business. So, let’s start with the tips:-

#1 Tip: Find Out the Level of Expertise

As a matter of truth, it’s next to impossible to judge any agency level of expertise from verbal conversation. So, before you set up a discussion with your prospective transcription company, it is highly advisable to ask them to email you, their portfolio or list of clients they work with on a regular basis.

Going through their portfolio will give you a clear idea, whether they have the specialization and skill set to meet the complexity of your project. It would be great if they send you their previous works with respect to your specific industry.

So, before the talks, analyze the portfolio to save your time.

#2 Tip: Online Reviews

Another powerful tip to narrow down on a few eligible transcription companies online is to conduct an online review check. There are several customer feedbacks sites where you can check the reviews given to your potential transcription services online agency.

One thing you need to note is that not all reviews are genuine, but by reading you will get an idea of whether a review is biased or not. If you come across any common flaw mentioned in some of the customer feedback, take a note, and enquire about it during your discussion with the transcription company.

#3 Tip: Sign the NDA

Whether you are transcribing educational videos or legal court hearings, privacy is of paramount importance. Because you probably do not want your sensitive information to land in the hands of third-party people.

So, ask your potential transcription company first, are they ready to sign an NDA? NDA is legally binding that the company won’t share or sell any details you provide them for your project requirements.

Also, talk about what practices they follow to ensure the information isn’t leaked, most companies having high security do not allow unauthorized access to the project information, only the individuals working on the project can have access.

#4 Tip: Turnaround

If you have frequent transcription work, then you should discuss the turnaround time in advance. Note how much time they need to transcribe the audio/video files based on your spec requirements.

Often transcription companies give a vague delivery timeline before taking up the project.

Also, ask, if they offer rush transcription services, in case you have a priority requirement. Working with a company that offers such a service is a no-brainer in times when an unexpected urgency can come up.

#5 Tip: How Much they Can Handle

It is essential to ensure from your prospective transcription company how much workload they can handle. Several industries, such as insurance and legal have a continuous flow of transcription requirements at a given time. Some months can be hectic, and others may be slow.

So, you should ask your transcription provider if they have enough staff to deal with the sudden surge in transcription projects and have the ability to scale their workforce to your work accordingly.

This simple detail prevents you from having unforeseen delays on your project.

#6 Tip: Pricing

Another critical thing to enquire from your transcription service company is their pricing. As a piece of advice, obtain more than one quote from different transcription companies.

Compare the quote in terms of pricing and features to make a well-informed decision.

Remember that the highest project quote company doesn’t guarantee the best services, and the lowest one isn’t the poorest either.

The Bottom Line

Selecting the right transcription company is challenging, and often, people end up making the wrong choice. So, the best tip would be to start with a sample assignment and see how it goes, and if everything looks good, you can trust them for larger tasks.

If you know someone who has used a transcription company recently, talk to them about their experience. They will be the best guide for you and most likely can steer you away from pitfalls and may even have a transcription company they can recommend to you based on your unique project needs.