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all of a sudden
all things considered
analogous to
although this may be true above all
after that
by the time
compared to
be that as it may coupled with
different from
equally important
even more even though for instance
all of a sudden
all of a sudden
all things considered

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Daily Transcription is a leading brand in the world of transcription and working efficiently for more than 15 years in this industry. Our team takes the complete onus of your audio/video recording to transcribe it precisely. We strictly work within the timeframe given by the client. In case of urgent requirements, you can have your transcript back in a single business day. DT keeps its terms and conditions coherent to avoid long-term hassle with the customers.
Our transcription team manages everything perfectly, right from group discussion, interview recordings, webcasts, personal video clips, any other kind of recording you can cook up, the DT team can help you with all. We deal with the accompanying media types and plenty more: MP4, MP3, MOV, DSS, WMV, WMA, WAV, AIF, M4A, VOB, AMR, OGG, AVI, and BWF.

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Corporate Transcription ServicesA corporate organization has a lot to do with written transcriptions. Everything from audio conferences to video chats with associates needs to be transcribed for clarity or official purposes. Now things are easier than before, all you need to do is just upload your video documents to our system. We will accurately transcribe your material and get it back to you in the desired time frame.

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Legal Transcription

Daily Transcription has a complete range of legal transcription services, including court proceedings, trial proceedings, wiretap proceedings, interviews, transcribing client letters dictated by an attorney, briefs/reports, letters, & notices, and much more. DT’s legal transcription services are A-one among the industry. Once you have taken services from us, then there is no going back as we offer top-level, exact records.

Transcription plays a crucial part in the zone of law administrations. Modernization has made it safe and secure to forward your data out of the house for legal transcription.

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Post Production Transcription

Post-Production Services are in high demand and you’ll be glad to know, we cover all the necessary formats. These services are required for a program that has effectively been aired either for movie, TV, internet, or radio. Its content is made to coordinate with the altered form of the program, sometimes needed for legal, interpretation, or dubbing reasons. An enormous part of the post-production transcription procedure is creating and delivering telecast scripts. These contents can be utilized to make captions, closed subtitles, and interpretations or as part of wrapping up worldwide distribution.

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We Provide Friendly Customer Service

Do you need a friend who also has excellent transcription, translation as well as production advice? So, look no further – that’s us, we go the extra mile to serve you the optimum! However, the professionally trained team at Daily Transcription is here to answer any query and all of your transcribing needs. In addition, please do not hesitate to call us at 1-888-515-7143. Additionally, we sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

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Customers Says?

We turned to Daily Transcription for transcription services on our documentary film “Saving Face”. They were very easy to work with, understood the formatting requirements we had for our deliverables, and were efficient. Their transcriptions were perfect.

Cathy T.

Daily Transcription delivers what every harried filmmaker needs: complete peace of mind. Their service is speedy and highly reliable. Their transcriptions are exceptionally accurate, which is no small feat. They get it right. A first-rate choice.

Rod M.

Daily Transcription was a pleasure to do business with. We had a project with fuzzy details at the outset but a tight, non-negotiable turnaround; even with these potential stumbling blocks, DT handled the project flawlessly.

Annette O.
Attack Ads

I never have to worry about the job getting done right with Daily Transcription. They are professional and accommodating at a competitive price. I recommend them to production teams I work with for quick turn around and accuracy.

Maria M.

Daily Transcription is a reliable company that always comes through for me. Their customer service and fast turnaround is far superior then other companies I have used in the past. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

M. Byrne

When we need fast and accurate transcriptions, Daily Transcription is our go to. On top of that, the process is painless, and above all, cost effective.

DeVoe Y.
MTV Networks

Daily Transcription is extremely thorough, nothing but accommodating, and always delivers when I need OTFs turned around lightening fast. It doesn’t matter the size of the production I am working on, they are the only people I trust and turn to for transcripts.

Brandy S.

While we’re on the subject, kudos to the transcriptionists for this latest round. Having everything in two-column format is a huge time-saver, they’re doing a great job of getting even the off-topic (but potentially hilarious) chatter on paper.

IW Productions

Daily Transcription is reliable, professional, and offers competitive pricing. I recommend them to production teams I work with for quick turnaround on a deadline.

Kimberly P.

Wow! Delivered even before I requested. Why would I use anyone else :)

Carolyn S.
DMJ Digital Media

Daily Transcription is fast, thorough and affordable. We’ve used their transcription services on many of our projects and have been very happy.

Rachel D.
Highnoon Entertainment

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